RADIO comes to Tywyn

"Marconi and Towyn"

BBC MW transmitter site with one of the two masts and automatic lawnmowers (sheep) at Tywyn in 2004

Tywyn is a small, ageing seaside resort on the shores of the Irish Sea in the southern Merionethshire part of present day Gwynedd.

Numerous and varied spellings of the place name exist, deriving from the same root as the Cornish word Towan for sand dunes. The generally accepted pronunciation of the town's name, on the street and in the classroom, rhymes with "Cow-in".

Photograph of Memorial Hospital and Marconi Station, Towyn

Memorial Hospital and Marconi Wireless Station, Towyn

Photograph of Towyn Memorial Hospital

In the steam railway era, enthusiastic summer holiday makers would voluminously disembark from long, loco-hauled trains. Although the census figures have hardly altered in a century, today it still retains regular visitors and semi-permanent inhabitants many times its core resident population of just over 4,000, by way of people travelling via the outdated, dangerously twisting roads from The Midlands and further afield to locally owned caravan, camping and chalet parks dotted around the vicinity. There is also a tourist trade based on the preserved Talyllyn narrow gauge railway, one of several on train enthusiasts' round-Wales itineraries.

Note. The spelling "Tywyn" was decreed at a local government meeting in 1974 in Dolgellau (approx. 20 miles away) which was the county town for the previous administrative county, abolished in 1972, of Merioneth. The meeting was attended by a large party of Towyn residents who were opposed to the change but whose wishes were disregarded and not otherwise consulted.

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