All children are offered:

Personal and Social Development

Children are assisted to establish a relationship with other children and to show respect for others' feelings and property. It is important to develop children's awareness of personal hygiene and the need for them to care for their bodies and to eat well. The classroom environment highlights safety and care, and is a safe place where children are appreciated and respected.

Language, Literacy and Communication

Children are encouraged to use and extend their linguistic skills to ensure that they become clear and confident communicators and attentive listeners. They are given plenty of opportunities during play to practice marking skills. It is important to give children the opportunity to develop an interest in books and print.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Children will be given opportunities to learn about themselves and others, about their community and beyond. Learning about the differences in yesterday and today's lifestyle is an unavoidable part of every child's development. Science on young children's level mainly involves their experiences, and they will be given experiences to promote their natural curiosity.

Mathematical Development

Mathematics should be a practical, fun and lively aspect. Children will hear correct and varied mathematical language often and they are given opportunities to play with a range of equipment and toys, and will promote their mathematical development. Staff will take advantage of suitable opportunities, according to a child's development level, to select, correspond, arrange, serialise, compare and count.

Physical Development

We aim to raise children's awareness of health and hygiene, and how to look after their body. The Playgroup provides a safe environment for the children and they are given opportunities to practice and develop their skills & physical skills within and outside the Playgroup. Staff respect individual children's fears and concerns, and they ensure that children are given opportunities to develop confidence according to their own speed. Use of the environment is encouraged throughout the year.

Creative Development

Creative development includes drawing, art, music, dance and drama. In order to promote children's aesthetic and creative development we offer experiences that awake the senses and encourage them to observe and appreciate their own and other's work.

At present the older children attend in the morning session (i.e. the year before they start school) and the younger children in the afternoon. A more formal timetable is followed in the mornings but although this is intended to give structure to our morning, it is very flexible.

When you bring and collect your child, you are very welcome to go into all the rooms at the playgroup and talk to the staff regarding your child. The children's work is displayed on the walls mainly in the Big Room and will depict the current theme and scheme of work, i.e. colour, shape, season, etc.

We have a colour corner and nature table in the big room. Children are encouraged to bring items for both as they come across them at home.

Children can be encouraged to participate and show items that they have collected to the other children and enjoy telling the group about their special find.

Whether it is a pebble from their walk on the beach or a household object for the colour theme.

What animals can you see in the jungle?
As well as the enjoyment of showing their object the children are increasing theirs and the other children's knowledge, promoting language skills, self-confidence and building their self-esteem.

The children will learn to become more observant and look for specific items (unbreakable/non-precious) and remember instructions whilst learning about their world is fun.

Record Keeping

The progress of children is assessed by observation and recorded every term. A written report is given to parents of the children who are leaving at the end of Summer Term. The Supervisor is happy to discuss each child's progress with parents/carers at any time.


in Gwynedd, on the Cambrian Coast of Wales